Monday, January 11, 2010

TOPS Contest

Todays the Day Contest is one of the new contests in January....We are all working on goals and this is a great one...

Here are the rules and this is what needs to be done each day by the 31st in no paticular order. I will mark done next to those I have already completed.

  1. take a half-mile walk
  2. Call a Tops Friend
  3. email a tops friend DONE
  4. no deserts today DONE
  5. no between-meal snacks DONE
  6. drink plenty of water DONE
  7. send a card to a TOPS friend
  8. take a one mile walk
  9. bring a low-calorie recipe to your chapter meeting DONE
  10. no TV today - start a hobby instead
  11. bring a contest idea to your chapter meeting DONE
  12. do a TOPS program DONE
  13. eat three balanced meals DONE
  14. no faast foods today
  15. bring an article on diet or healthy to your chapter meeting
  16. include a salad for lunch or dinner
  17. do 20 minutes of exercise DONE
  18. journal your food record for 5+ days out of the week
  19. plan your menu for the next day
  20. try a new lo-calorie food
  21. obtain a before picture of yourself and post it on the fridge DONE HATE LOOKING AT IT
  22. think of a fundraiser for your chapter DONE
  23. take an hour walk DONE
  24. no sodas today - diet or regular
  25. write a four line TOPS poem
  26. eat only three mals no snacks!
  27. eat two fruits DONE
  28. take the steps no elevators
  29. no hulu today DONE
  30. remember to drink 10 glasses of water today
  31. have a good month have fun relax but stick to your program DONE

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