Friday, July 23, 2010

I am down on my scale to 246.4 What I weighed before the hospital.

I am totaly excited. I love this. It feels good to know I am loosing weight like crazy I am doing something RIGHT. I am going to be going to the Dr today to just get some more things checked out. I cant wait to see what he says about some of my blood tests. I am working out on a daily basis. I am getting on my eliptical. I love that machine. I also am starting my DVD work out again. EVERY NIGHT 10 minutes and boy do you build up a sweat. I Will youtube one of my nights working out on it to show you it doesnt take much. I am loving life. Off to play this weekend.

I have a babyshower to go to and I will be watching what I eat. I WILL have cake. I will have punch. BUT I will have it in moderation.

Talk to yall later.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weighed In last are the results.

I weighed in with 6lb loss yesterday. I am so happy I have been doing good. I also drew the 10 dollar  card so need to loose this week and I win $10 bucks WAY TO GO ME great encouragement.

I hope I have the same loos next week. I want to be out of the 18 sized pants into the 16s

I know it takes time but hey I love my new body and tomorrow will love it the same but with new curves to admire.

I am going to go take a nap its been a long day for me lots of blood drawn.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Tired of not posting and feeling guilty

So here goes its been a while. I won the contest well second place and I got highest pounds lost.....Way to go me.

So here are some photos the blue panties are when I started on December 31st and the pink panties are today. Infact took photos and sat and started bloging.
 roughly 30 lbs so far. I feel great. I am down to a size 18 pant. I have not been losing much lately but I have musscles I didnt have before.

AND the 18s are loose fitting not the pant dance to put them on. So now I have 16 size pants in my closet up on the top shelf I see them every day and i know I WILL be in them...when dont know soon I hope but slow and steady win the race. Especially with weight loss.

Ok so on to the photographs.

Ok so for the first two photographs notice the loss of a double chin.
Notice the smaller tummy and butt and look at those boobs.
Those boobs have shrunk a lot. New bra becasue the old one falls off my arms and my boobs are to small for it.
I am no longer a double K cup size yippie.

Here is a good look at the boobs and the face look at that face.
Wow I am so amazed. This is the first look I am having side by side of all my progress.

So I will update you more this weekend but right now I am going to enjoy my evening with my eyes closed and dreaming sweet dreams.

WOW Dont forget to click on the pictures to get the real idea of what I have accomplished so far.

Oh all my clothes that are to big I got rid of them at consignment store. I now have nothing that I can grow into. If I gain weight I wont have clothes so no options there.

Wow do you see my arms used to hang out and now they lay down to my sides. WOW