Friday, July 23, 2010

I am down on my scale to 246.4 What I weighed before the hospital.

I am totaly excited. I love this. It feels good to know I am loosing weight like crazy I am doing something RIGHT. I am going to be going to the Dr today to just get some more things checked out. I cant wait to see what he says about some of my blood tests. I am working out on a daily basis. I am getting on my eliptical. I love that machine. I also am starting my DVD work out again. EVERY NIGHT 10 minutes and boy do you build up a sweat. I Will youtube one of my nights working out on it to show you it doesnt take much. I am loving life. Off to play this weekend.

I have a babyshower to go to and I will be watching what I eat. I WILL have cake. I will have punch. BUT I will have it in moderation.

Talk to yall later.

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