Sunday, January 31, 2010


I have not been online in a while. So no new posts recently. But now that I am settled in the new job and new shift schedule I am able to balance life and work again. Here is some information about whats been happening with me.

I got a job as a CNA or NAC here in this state which for those of you not familiar is Certified Nursing Assistant or Nursing Assistant Certified. Take your pick both work for me.

I am also working the NOC shift which is short for nocternal I am assuming since its the over night shift. I totaly love my job but definitely had to get used to the hours. I love the people I work with too. There is one Nurse that is on the over night shift that I love but we still are butting heads that will work itself out with time. She is amazing at her job. She is a motivation for me at this new career.

I have wonderful people that I work for too all of the residents are totaly amazing. They range in abilities so I use all of my training every day to handle the diffrent challenges that come my way.

I am working on breathing seems simple but I need to remember to take a breath when I get outside. I am also working on managing my time in the mornings getting out of work within 15 minutes of my scheduled off time. I have an hour commute to get home and want to get to where I get home and jump on the eliptical and then lay down and sleep till 5 and then have dinner and get ready for work.

I have not been working out like I know I should be but the adjustment period has taken its toll on my systems. I am now adjusted to it and will be totaly loving this where I get home walk the dog do my elliptical and then by that time will be ready to sleep.

YES I have been loosing wight during this transition time. I plan on uping that weight loss now though as I am working out at work with transfering residents from chair to bed and back thoughout the night and when I bend down to put on their shoes I tighten my abs and buttox as I bend to get maximum resistance and since I have to squat down any ways why not get the benefits from it.

OOHH YEAHHHH the shoes I bought.......THANKS TO ALL YALL WHO TOLD ME TO GET THEM......The Sketchers Shape Ups are amazing. Macys has them for 100 bucks totaly worth it. They dont hurt my feet and the work my butt and thigh and calf mussles. WOW I totaly love them.....And my posture is better from them too.

I did not accomplish that Todays the day contest just bad timing with the new job and all. But I have been doing better at my things.

My husband stayed up tonight with me and we cleaned hosue did laundry and had some fun watching Cops. That was cool to spend time with him tonight. I work Sunday Through Thrusday at 10:30 pm til 6:30 am and thats not so bad. I get home Friday morning get a little bit of sleep and have Friday Saturday and most of Sunday off. Totaly love the Schedule.

One other thing I splurged on a pressure cooker. I would reccomend it to anyone wanting to watch what they are putting into their mouths and onto their hips. Its fast easy and a great value. I bought mine from Wal-Mart on Friday and Friday night made ribs for two under 1 hour and under 10 bucks. I knew exactly how much fats were used (none) and how much sauce was used one bottle for 5 lbs of ribs. and no other spices. I was in control of it all.

I am so amazed at how fast I can cook things and have healthy home cooked meals before I goto work and get ready for my week still spending the time from the moment my husband comes home from work til I leave for work worrying about him and his day and not whats for dinner and weather I have to shower because I c an do that while I am cooking just get the pot to temp lower heat and basicly forget it for a few while I shower and get dressed and then when my husband walks it its our time to enjoy and not fuss.

Ok rambling I am off to bed soon as I work tonight its 6am and my bedtime should be about 8 am at the latest.

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