Saturday, January 02, 2010

First Weight In......Horrible Outcome

I went to weigh in tonight and I think I wanted to pass out at the results. I am by the Official Scale for the Kitsap County Weight loss Challenge 273.5 WOW

Ok but to be fair I am not going to be weighing in on that each week. I am going to be using my Wii Fit Scale for the weight loss guide. This means what I see each morning when I weigh myself I will look at that scale and see the pounds MELT AWAY....Ok I know it’s not as easy as melting a pound of butter in the microwave so why do we use melt away the pounds in terminology. I don’t know pondering.....More like killing off the pounds.

My husband had a visit to the Hospital for a week due to PAIN and I say that in capital letters because I have only seen this pain level when he had kidney stones. I thought I was going to lose him from a heart attack or something because he couldn’t describe the pain.....Found out its muscle related and so his DR told him get an elliptical. We did we went out that next week and bought one. I had been getting on it every day for a few minutes....seconds and then getting off.... Can't I exercise via osmosis? Not going to work....SO I am going to win this challenge and besides there is money involved I want a few hundred dollars in my pocket. Give me my scrapbooking addiction money.

Well this elliptical sits there and not it has not collected any dust it gets used by him. But now it’s my turn. Besides my daily walks I need to get on that damned thing and ride till my legs catch fire. I did that tonight and at two minutes FIRE FIRE FIRE.....I must be blind to the fire because I could not see it and my husband would not put out the fire in my thighs I guess he likes seeing me burn....I lasted 5 minutes 5 whole minutes. I was so sure I was going to get on that damned thing and do an hour. HAHAHAHAHA what was I thinking. So, new game plan, 5 minutes at a time. Get off and rest 5 minutes get off and rest and via this method for the first few days I will work up to an hour. I will do 5 min intervals today to reach that hour and then tomorrow I will do it again and then day after that 10 minute intervals and then to twenty and so on until I can get on there for an hour and work at getting good at it.

Now as far as the marathon plan here it goes.....

First 6 Weeks I will be doing 6 days a week

I will start with the first week. This week I will be doing 48 minutes of exerciser 15 minutes of power moves and 25 minute walk at a moderate pace every other day and on the opposite day I will be doing 4 minute power pace walking with 2 minute moderate pace. Repeat til I get 20 minute workout.

Ok and WHY WHY WHY do they always show women and men who don’t need to do a damn thing for their bodies except maintain a healthy lifestyle showing weight loss videos and work outs in magazines.

AAARRRRGGGHHHHH that drives me insane.

Yes Skinny people of the world I know you need to work out to maintain but not the workout they are referring to in the magazine I am reading.

Fat People make a video show us how we CAN survive a 30 minute workout.

I am back to my elliptical for another 5 minute session.....I WILL SURVIVIE

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