Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's Not A Pretty Sight

Again what was I thinking? Why did I decide to make my journey so public? Why am I torturing myself? Answer is simple: What else is there to motivate me. What is it about torture that I like so much.........thinking......I DON'T LIKE TORTURE........But also I now have all of you to remind me of how fat I am and how I don't have to be this way it is a choice. It is a decission I have made. So beware that this is not pretty its just reality of where I am today.

I even have that double chin I said I would never have.

That is not a pretty site of my fat. the ripples in my side yuck.

This is not flattering those rolls of fat in my back.
The cottege cheese butt I never had before. Wow. I am fat.

So now that we have all seen my body as it truely is. I will have to say that this is disgusting. Its out of control. I don't want to die young but have you ever seen a really old fat person........I haven't.

Enough for today, I am off to enjoy the rest of my husband vacation. I will post my weight on Saturday right along with my measurements.

6 months training for a marathon, what was I thinking. I have so much fat to loose this could take a while. But hey 6 months from now I should beable to walk a marathon....I am young I am healthy still thank goodness. I don't have all of those things that happen to fat people. I just need to prevent them.


  1. I think you are courageous. Your inner beauty and strength shows through. Best wishes in your quest to better health.

  2. I wish you all the best. Take it slow and steady and that marathon won't have a'll beat its pants off. Good luck

  3. I'm so proud of you for being able to do this!!! It's refreshing to see your courage. :) GOod luck!